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New cPanel Server Setup Script
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:20AM EDT in Servers

Illegal File Scanner
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:22AM EDT in Servers

File Extension Scanner
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:24AM EDT in Servers

CRON Check
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:25AM EDT in Servers

Auto-disable Synaptics touchpad on Linux with USB mouse
added on 10-20-2010 @ 7:24AM EDT in Linux

How to run a cronjob on a Synology NAS
added on 08-05-2011 @ 1:24AM EDT in Servers

Removing Thumbs.db files from Linux.
added on 05-13-2010 @ 4:17AM EDT in Linux

Creating MyBB forum accounts automatically with TheHostingTool
added on 01-09-2011 @ 7:55AM EST in Software Development

Apache + cPanel Security Part 1
added on 05-13-2010 @ 3:54AM EDT in Servers

Debian REPO for latest version of Lighttpd.
added on 12-08-2010 @ 4:49PM EST in Servers

Linux VMware Player: The virtual machine is busy
added on 11-15-2010 @ 5:06AM EST in Linux

Make Domain Keys
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:21AM EDT in Servers

GeoIP.dat Updater
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:23AM EDT in Servers

Database Backup
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:26AM EDT in Servers

ClamAV Scanner
added on 05-24-2010 @ 5:17AM EDT in Servers

Creating a Linux swap file.
added on 05-29-2010 @ 12:49AM EDT in Linux

Repair/Remove XFCE4 Session in Fedora 14
added on 02-08-2011 @ 10:16AM EST in Linux

Installing mod_evasive for cPanel.
added on 05-13-2010 @ 3:34AM EDT in Servers

Whitelist/Blacklist access to your site or a page by country.
added on 05-13-2010 @ 4:06AM EDT in Servers

File::Scan::ClamAV module version 1.91 installed but AvClamdPort not ready
added on 12-06-2010 @ 3:12AM EST in Linux