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Oh boy has it been a while!
added on 07-31-2011 @ 6:39AM EDT in My Life

Getting back into hosting!
added on 04-23-2011 @ 5:58AM EDT in My Life

Zoe is here!
added on 03-12-2011 @ 5:44PM EST in My Life

We're homeowners!!!
added on 02-01-2011 @ 2:30AM EST in My Life

House Hunting.
added on 12-02-2010 @ 3:36AM EST in My Life

An adjustment of priorities and life....
added on 08-25-2010 @ 11:47PM EDT in My Life

When work is play, then all work cannot equal no play.
added on 05-01-2011 @ 8:33PM EDT in My Life

Been busy lately, but I'm learning alot!
added on 04-08-2011 @ 9:44PM EDT in My Life

Retirement... such a long way away. :(
added on 02-03-2011 @ 4:35AM EST in My Life

Possible new home?
added on 12-07-2010 @ 10:01AM EST in My Life

added on 10-07-2010 @ 1:32AM EDT in My Life