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BACKUPS! Do them! Yes now! Yes always!

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I am aware of the many solutions in place to ensure your data is safe and secure but that doesn't matter. In the long run you can only rely on one person for ensuring your data is available, YOU!

I am posting this thread because of another highly reputable hosting company that recently suffered a devistating attack resulting in a total loss of client data. All precautions were taken and there were systems in place to safeguard the data but in the end they all fell victim of a determined attacker.

The clients are calling for blood in the streets and threatening legal action (both of which are futile but I can understand where their minds are right now) but there are 2 things that are for sure:
1) Their data is GONE!
2) There is nothing they can do to change it!

So how can you prevent this? Simple, backup your data! You have dozens of options out there and the simplest and best options are FREE!

Here is my backup plan for my VM:
1) Daily, Weekly, and Monthly (Grandfather, Father, Son) local backups.
2) Hourly local backups of my primary databases.
3) Nightly off-site backups to a backup server ( and my home NAS.
4) Off-site backup every 4 hours to a backup server and my home NAS.
5) Daily backup of my home NAS to a networked drive before my nightly backup to ensure 2 different backups available.

Now keep in mind that this is OVERKILL for me since I only host about 10 personal sites and none of which produce any income so data loss for me is not as severe as say a business or web host.

So what costs are involved for my setup? Aside from the VM costs, I only pay $5 a month for a BQBackup account. The bandwidth costs are minimal because I utilize rsync with the compress (-z) option.

How hard is it to setup such a solution? It's not hard at all, the rsync commands are 1 line of code (although my backup scripts contains about 6 lines of code because I also have everything saved to a log and e-mailed to me) but you can seriously backup your whole VM with 1 line of code! Create a cron job (crontab -e) and you've got yourself an automated backup!

Do I need to have another remote server to backup to? NO! Just be sure to backup your VM to your PC! Even a week old backup is better than nothing in the event GigeNET gets overrun by killer bees with lasers!

I cannot stress the importance of having your own backup that you can access any time you need to.

Not all backup solutions are ideal for all users and you have to take a lot of factors into account when creating a backup solution. Some users will backup their personal site data to a remote server, some companies will backup their $100,000 data to a DVD. There is no right or wrong way to backup data, as long as it's accessible when it's needed!

The best backup plan is one that works for you, so if you have any questions about backing up your data or would like assistance in setting up a backup plan then feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to assist you.

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