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Here is a collection of my various works...

Net Hostility - This is just something I typed up one night at work for some reason, it's about an observation I made about the increase of hostility online.

He Goes By The Name Azeth - This was a character story I wrote for a game I used to play called The 4th Coming.

Exophyte Background (Elf Ranger) - One of my first attempts at a D&D character background story.

Denarr Background (Longtooth Shifter Cleric) - This story was a character background for a D&D 4.0 character I created.

KuJoe Dirte Background (Human Paladin) - A character background story for one of my D&D characters.

Jeena Hyuga Background (Elf Scout) - A character background story for a D&D character I used here.

Jeena Hyuga Background (Half Elf Ranger) - A character background story I entered with my application for a Role Playing guild on Shadowbane. Yes, the last name is from Naruto and was chosen by a small group of us.

Fallen D&D Campaign - A quickly written story describing the events of one of my favorite D&D sessions.